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Great stuff for kids and parents

Webkinz is extremely popular with pre-school, elementary and even middle school aged kids. Each stuffed toy in the community of Webkinz comes with a special and unique code which is registered on the portal to make the beautiful toys come into life. When you buy that stuffed toy you basically adopt this little non living fellow. After adopting it you enter into the family of Webkinz where members (who are basically kids) do a lot of fun and frolic.


The kids can chat with each other, play innovative and graphical video games and do some shopping for their virtual webkinz. It is a bright and colorful place which also provides virtual money to the winner of games. With this money the kids do some shopping, buy a new shelter and buy the other basic things to care for their pets.


As the technology is advancing, Webkinz has also expanded its corridors. Now it is possible to play with your virtual ‘pets’ through mobile app as well. So now little champs can carry their adopted ones to everywhere.


It is a very nice platform as it keeps the kids away from the other games which have no sense. It develops the caring attitude within the child as he feels that the pet belongs to him. This is the reason that even parents love to enroll their kids on this portal. Moreover it is easy to own a virtual pet rather than real pet (especially when you don’t like pets!). The kids stay occupied and learn some new things such as cleaning the room of their pets to keep it hygienic and the same thing they adapt in their lifestyle. You can still have date nights, go out on the town, and splurge with a limousine rental so no need to complain! There are interesting and learning activities to teach good lessons to the kids. And the best part is that it is safe! The parents can choose the chat rooms through which their children may be interacting with each other so there is full security which every parent wants to have.


The kids may earn virtual money for their adopted pets but it costs ‘real’ to the parents. Parents have to purchase the stuffed animal. Gradually the child feels bore of the same toy and therefore he demands for another which again costs high. It can develop a spirit of undue competition in kids as they want to become the owner of large number of toys. Many of the facilities are not accessible if you do not invest in additional items. It wholly make it a commercial environment which is little whacky!


The portal offer versatility as there are many types of Webkinz such as regular pets, wild animals, mythical creatures and some virtually made up pets which are very cute and keep the kiddos involved. It keeps on adding the new toys every time so as to increase the diversity.


On the whole it is one such platform which is liked both by kids and the parents. There are amazing and entertaining games along with number of discounts for the members and various types of memberships to choose from.

Features of the Webkinz World

Webkinz is a popular toy stuffed animal game that can be played online over Webkinz World. It was actually released by a Canadian toy company well known as Ganz in 2005 on 29th April. These toys appear same as all other tiny push toys but each one of them hold a tag with unique secret code that helps players to select their favourite pet for Webkinz World Website online playing. This secret code enables users to be owner of virtual version of their favourite pet for online game play; in this set of lovable toys the Lil’ Kinz are small in size and are less expensive whereas signature collection is comparatively more expensive.

Plush Webkinz toys are available for sale at Canada and United States only but for international users there is facility of online eStore that provides huge collection of virtual pets. This game is accessed online by millions of users per day and it became available on TV in year 2011. You will be able to see so many creative characters in this game in form of regular pets, mythical creatures, wild animals and some self constructed ones such as Gingerbread Puppy. You can actually buy tons of them if you order a full shipping container from China, or any other country that manufactures them.

All animals of Webkinz world as well as accessories are available with eight bit long character code; players are suggested to register this code over Webkinz Website and respective person will be considered the owner of that particular toy or accessory in imaginary world of Webkinz. If you do not have any secret code you will not be allowed to access complete features of Webkinz world but you are able to generate your free account. You have to play with your pre-owned characters online in the play area of Webkinz world that is completely designed by Ganz. Users can receive money that is called as Kinzcash if they adopt new pets, play more online game, answer to general knowledge questions, work for some routine activities and complete deadlines that are available after every eight hour. You will be able to access various games that lead to bonus Kinzcash with few other special bonuses that are renewed every hour. Whenever you purchase new toy for Webkinz world your account will be updated with more items, rooms and money.

Here are few incredible features of Webkinz World:

  • It provides you ability to work with new shows over Webkinz studio or you can find opportunity to enter to Webkinz television.
  • You can buy a lovely swimming pool where Webkinz can enjoy while improving their health.
  • It enables users to send letters or gifts to friends via peer to peer network.
  • Participate in various hourly events and earn more prizes, coupons, Kinzcash and other items.
  • Some beautiful features allow you to brush teeth of your pet, hair and wash their feathers, feet or paws time to time.

This game leads players to a beautifully designed artificial or so called virtual world where lovely toys keep on doing various interesting activities. Kids love to enjoy playing this game with huge entertainment and fun.

Using games to exercise the brain

How often you might have heard that your mind is much the same as a muscle, that it gets more grounded the more you utilize it?  This is equally true for learning. The more you take in, the better you get at learning, and the less challenging learning gets to be.  One such proven way, which can exercise the various areas of your brain, is “Games”. Whether we talk about indoor or outdoor games, video or computer games, all types of games have positive effects on the mental growth of the children.

It has been scientifically proved that regular gaming can exercise the various parts of your child’s brain, hence improving his speech, concentration and focus.  Playing games are also known to decrease the chances of falling prey to various mental diseases and illness. You will also notice your child’s overall academic growth. There are various benefits of playing games. As every gamehas distinctive guidelines. If they all had literally the same principles, they would have been incredibly boring. So every time your child  play another game, he need to figure out how to play it. What’s more, just knowing the controls isn’t the entire picture; he need to figure out how every button identifies with an activity, and how every activity identifies with the rest of the game.

One such incredible platform where your child can have extreme fun is the world of webkinz. Webkinz was initially released by the Canadian toy organization-“Ganz” on April 29, 2005. Webkinz World has numerous diversions, in which players can play to acquire cash, called KinzCash. The site additionally has an extensive variety of multiplayer diversions for visitors to play against their companions, and any other individual who needs to play at the time. There are a few recreations particularly saved for a premium level of clients, called Deluxe Membership.

The Webkinz World is an online play zone controlled by Ganz. The client gets cash by embracing new pets, playing web amusements, noting general learning inquiries, and through day by day exercises like clicking “I love my Webkinz!”, turning the Wheel of WOW, playing Wishing Well 2, or finishing jobs accessible once like clockwork. Each Webkinz plush toy and Webkinz embellishment accompanies a 8-character code. By enlisting this code on the Webkinz site, the client “receives” this pet in the virtual Webkinz World. Without the Secret Code, the client won’t become acquainted with the full Webkinz world; however they can make a free record. The world is so very real looking, with blossoming flowers, overgrown trees, and landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking.

The Webkinz World is truly a world of dreams. Every child loves to play online games and this is one such platform where your child can enjoy to the fullest. It not only channelizes the mind of your child, but also sharpens it.  Consequently, you can see overall improvement in the behavior and academic performance of your child.  If you want your child to become smart and mentally active, then you should not stop him from joining the world of Webkinz. Come in and Play!